Service Marketing Essay

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Service process design: To design an efficient service, marketers and specialists in operations must work together. Process in goods production and services are different from each other. In production except for custom designed production, customer do not involve in the process other than opening the package. But the differentiating characteristic of the service is the extension of customer participation in the process of manufacturing and delivery service. In the services like real estate that there is a high interaction between customers and employees, also human resource specialists should cooperate. One of the clearest ways to describe service process is often to create a flowchart that presents different steps visually and in …show more content…
A real estate process starts when customer enters or calls the real estate agent and talks to the secretary. Assumption is that customer physically attends to the agency. So it can be as follow:
1- Customer talk to the secretary about what he/ she needs. Example is asking to buy a flat.
a. Physical evidence: would be the place of receptionist and the tone of receptionist.
b. Contact person (visible actions): greets with the customer and asks about what he/ she wants and refer to the appropriate section
c. Contact person (invisible action): checks which agent is available according to customer’s need
2- The agent on the specific section asks for the customer’s exact need and monetary ability and makes some suggestions.
a. Physical evidence: the staff, furnishing and decor, customer and staff situation compared to each other and IT facilities appearance.
b. Contact person (visible action): greets and talks to the customer to find out the exact needs and abilities.
c. Contact person (invisible action): write them down and search it on the system.
d. Support process: maintain IT software and hardware systems.
3- The customer selects some of them that is more appropriate and asks to visit them.
a. Physical evidence: listing of the properties and if possible some pictures of them
b. Contact person (visible action): explaining the specifications and situations of each property in detail.
c. Contact person (invisible): contacting

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