Self Mutilation in Adolescents Essay

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SELF – MUTILATION IN ADOLESCENTS 3 Self- Mutilation in Adolescents
Self –injury is the act of deliberately harming one’s body. Such as cutting or burning yourself.
It is not meant as a suicide attempt. Rather self -injury is an unhealthy way to cope with emotional pain, intense anger and frustration. Because self – injury is often done on impulse, it may be considered an impulse control behavior problem.
The first article reviewed discussed diagnose and treatments of adolescents who self-mutilate.
The article states self-mutilation is complicated and difficult to diagnose. (Williams & Bydalek, 2007). Patients often live with this behavior for a long time before being diagnosis, as they have become good at hiding their
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It is the learner’s belief this article is scholarly. The article is peer reviewed. The authors of the article were professionals. The second article reviews two models of adolescent self –mutilation. Researchers’ conducted a study with four hundred and forty students and screened them for the presence of self-mutilation. Students completed the Hostility and Direction of Hostility Questionnaire (HDHQ), the Beck Anxiety Inventory (BAI) and an interview.
Results indicate support for the hostility model of self-mutilation (Shana & Heath, 2003).
Despite reported rise in incidents of self-mutilation, very little is known on what precipitates acts of self-harm. Researchers’ have examined whether adolescents who self-mutilate possess certain maladaptive traits such as depression, anxiety, and hostility (Bennum & Phil, 1983; Farmer & Creed, 1986)
Anxiety Reduction Model

The basis of Anxiety reduction model is when individuals experience stressful life events, tension arises. These feelings of tension build until they become intolerable. (Bennum, 1984).
Because the individual may lack skills and tools to resolve these feelings, anxiety may then ensue. As the feelings of anxiety mount individuals resort to self – mutilation because of the immediate relief that follows the act.
Hostility Model
The hostility model hypothesizes the individual urns to self-mutilation because of an inability to overtly express anger and hostility (Herpetz, Sass, & Farvazza,

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