Self-improvement througth Frost Essay

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“The unexamined life is not worth living”
“Know thyself”

The great philosopher Socrates stated these ideas and made it his duty to fulfill his own reasoning. He knew that as human beings, we are a complex system of nature’s product that is still very enigmatic to our selves. Thus in order to fully comprehend one self as an individual, one must look inward and seek the cause and function of one’s own natural condition. Many methods are effective in one’s search, and this fact holds evident to our own differences, some use social interaction as a form of investigation, while others may find solitary confinement as a more productive approach. Through my own personal path to clarity and understanding, it has proved invaluable to myself that
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To many transcendentalists the pure act of coexisting within nature as an entity, creates a sense of closeness and spirituality within the human mind that is open to hear it.
Frost opens the eyes of many to the griefs of country life in “Death of a Hired Man”, where he explores the humanistic conditions of belongings, empathy, intolerance, and dignity. Mary and Warren’s farm was Silas’ only place to call home, where he knew he would always be accepted even if he weren’t welcome. Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. (Frost 1122) This was home for Silas, even if his rich brother lived thirteen miles away, who was a “somebody”, Silas wouldn’t be made ashamed to please hi brother. This powerful and sound dignity stressed by Frost, exemplifies his stern belief to uphold ones own pride in oneself. Also Silas wanted to return with one other wish than to ditch the meadow, he told Mary that he wants to teach Harold, to pass on his one true talent. The human need of belongingness is very evident within Silas as he hopes to pass on his skill and teach his wisdom to others, to belong and to have something to belong in. He thinks that if he could teach him that, he’d be some good perhaps to someone in the world. (Frost 1122) Silas wanted to have a last hope for himself, to save his last self-respect. Silas is a character that Frost uses

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