Scuba Diving Essay

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Scuba diving is the kind of diving that one uses a breathing apparatus under water, which acts as a gas supplier to the diver. It allows divers to stay under water longer than with breath-holding methods. While diving, one uses swim fins attached to the feet. Scuba diving is carried out for both recreational and professional reasons among them cave diving, wreck diving, ice diving and deep diving for recreation purposes. Professional diving is done by those at civil engineering department, naval diving and rescue reasons. I began as an open water diver, now am a rescue diver and hoping to master in diving (Robinson, page 2).
The Red Sea lies between arid, semi-arid and desert land, it has great depths and efficient water circulation
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I did full penetration of the object that is beyond the light zone risking getting lost while I gained more diving abilities.
During a night diving, it is very scary to jump into the ocean, all you have is a torch (flashlight), and all you hear are shrimps cracking, and popping, but you cannot see them. It is very important to get prepared before diving when it is dark. It requires you familiarize with your territory for easier navigation in the waters. For scuba diving at night, it is wise to start at twilight in order to acclimatize to the environment and observe the nightfall on sea creatures and their behavior, as they tend to adjust to their night activities. You will also notice that some sea creatures are nocturnal. In this occasion, you should have a backup light source and ensure not to dive deep as scuba tanks tend to get exhausted fast at night, as you will be using more air as compared to diving during the day. It is also encouraged at times to turn away from light source and observe how dark it becomes to get thrilled (Tiedemann).
Red sea is rich in its ecosystem and harbors around 1200 species of fish. Once in the water during the day or night, the beautiful color of marine life and coral is evident in its appealing nature and provides a stunning environment for both divers and sea creatures. Within here, life is peaceful and quiet, except for my inhaling and

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