Scuba Diving Research Paper

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For years, deep sea diving was primarily used for the research of marine organisms. Mechanics for scuba diving have improved greatly and became more available to the everyday thrill seekers. It has also become an interest to many people to learn and experience it as a recreational activity. Most of the people who dive without being certified or dive alone, face dangers that other trained divers are not subjected to. For example, diving alone is particularly dangerous as should an injury occur, nobody is there to assist. As for those who are trained and have companions, they may enjoy the experience of being surrounded by beautiful marine life and the earth’s natural wonders at less of a risk. Certified or uncertified there are still …show more content…
Oxygen toxicity is when a diver breathes in too much pressured oxygen. “In extreme cases it affects the nervous system and causes a seizure, which can result in the diver spitting out their regulator and drowning.” (Wikipedia #17) A way to prevent extreme nitrogen narcosis is to dive with the gas trimix and to prevent oxygen toxicity, dive with the gas heliox. Trimix is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and helium and heliox is composed of helium and oxygen, and both gases aim to reduce the pressure of oxygen that divers breathe in. If a diver is equipped with these forms of gases it will reduce the risk of oxygen toxicity and nitrogen narcosis, they will be able to breathe more comfortably underwater. These dangers make in relatively important to make sure you are diving with the correct equipment and gases in order to stay safe and healthier.
People tend to go scuba diving without fully understanding the risks. For example a father and son from Florida decided to try out their new scuba equipment one Christmas morning. The outcome was a tragedy; they had both drowned due to failure of knowing how to properly use the equipment in a very dangerous, advanced diving location. People who are not advanced divers or certified should be discouraged from diving in dangerous and higher level areas. “The cave [the floridians entered] is considered to be a very advanced

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