School Nutrition: When Capitalism Causes Obesity Essay

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A dollop of tomato paste - that is all that this is required for an other-wise high-sodium, high-fat, and high-grease food product to be labeled as a vegetable as voted by a lobbyist-controlled congress in November of 2011. Pizza, as it turns out, is now considered a vegetable by school nutrition standards (“A Veggie Pizza”). It is obvious, then, that such as decision was not perpetuated nor endorsed by activists campaigning for proper nutrition within in the school cafeteria. It was lobbyists, most likely independent or large business caterers, who gave the decision the political and monetary boost it needed. But by allowing congress to make decisions based on lobbyist endorsement, pressure, and financial supports such as this one, …show more content…
(“School Lunches”) Why then, with congress at least attempting to regulate standards, does such a crisis still exist? The answer lies within of America’s core values: capitalism.
In order to explain the failure of the school lunch system to prevent malnutrition, one must scrutinize the expenditures of it. In the School Lunch and Breakfast Cost Study-II: Summary of Findings, three-fourths of the cost of running a food service rely on the operations – labor, transport, supplies, maintenance, etc. On average, only a dollar is spent on food within a school lunch. And with more and more families relying on subsidized or reduced-priced school meals for their children due to the economic downturn, schools, not necessarily the government, have to find cleverer ways to meet the costs (Dillon). The fact is, the schools must make these decisions like a business. And like any good business, they find the cheapest options available. Unfortunately, the cheapest options are usually pre-packaged and provided by third-party catering companies since they drastically reduce labor costs. The depressing statistic is that most pre-packaged foods rarely meet nutritional requirements.

From this viewpoint, it is easy to see why there is such an opposition to healthful school lunch campaigns. It is easy to see these programs as yet another

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