Schindler?s List Essay

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The once almost forgotten Hitler Jews are brought back to life by Schindler’s List. The movie opens quietly with a pre-war Polish Jewish family lighting candles and saying prayers on Friday night. The family disappears, and eventually, the candles burn out.
The scene switches to a man carefully dressing, stuffing his hand with money and carefully pinning a Nazi pin to his lapel. He is a shadowy figure, paying his way to get a fine table at a fancy restaurant in Krakow, and catching the eye of some Nazi officers. His name is Oscar Schindler and he is just a business man making contacts and buying influence. Soon his wining and dining pays off, as he acquires a manufacturing plant that produces pots and pans for the Nazi Army. Oscar really
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His main goal is not to produce massive amounts of artillery, but rather to save the lives of as many Jews as possible. In fact not one round of the artillery that Oscar had made worked. By the end of the movie Oscar is broke, and all that he ends up with is a car and a gold ring that was made and given by the Jews that he rescued.
We also get a look into other lives of World War II, such as Amon Goeth and Itzhak Stern. Goeth is the mean, Nazi commander who is portrayed as the villain of the film. He chooses a Jew to be his slave and do things for him. Soon, he finds himself in love with her. In a shocking scene, Goeth goes out on a balcony and just shoots people at random. He is an evil man and for a moment in the film, when he lets a kid go for not being able to clean a bathtub, we see a compassionate man. Ten seconds later, he shoots and kills the kid. At first you thought he was going to change, but after this scene we know that he will never change.
Itzhak Stern is a Jew chosen by Schindler to work as an accountant. However, Stern has an effect on Schindler which is part of the reason Schindler decides to save all his workers. We see his compassion when he rescues Stern from being shipped to a concentration camp. Itzhak is afraid but brave enough to stand up for his beliefs.
The credits, at the end of the movie, revealed that approximately six million Jews were persecuted. With so few

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