Essay on Salary Schedules for Public School Teachers: Pros and Cons

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Salary schedules for public school teacher Salary schedules for public school teachers are almost a common feature in public school districts. These schedules largely determine the salaries for the teachers. A single district schedule sets the pay for hundreds of thousands of teachers in thousands of schools (Besharov 1). The key factor that influences the pay for the teachers in the salary schedules include experience in terms of years and the total number of graduate course works that a teacher has completed. This paper will look at the cons and pros of the salary schedules in terms of an economic point of view.
Pros of single salary schedule
One of the key advantages of the single salary schedule is its simplicity. It is very simple
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Additionally, introduction of performance-based approach would bring competition amongst teachers, which would adversely affect teamwork amongst the teachers.
Cons of single salary schedules
One of the key disadvantages of the single salary schedule is the fact that it does not differentiate salaries of teachers in different fields. For example, teachers in humanities and languages receive equal salaries as a teacher in sciences.This creates shortage of teachers in some fields. For example, it might be difficult to recruit mathematics teachers. This is because salaries of mathematics teachers match the salaries of teachers teaching humanities. . Additionally, it is extremely difficult to make a pay increment to all the teachers in efforts of eliminating shortages in the areas that are difficult to recruit.
A single salary schedule does not differentiate the effectiveness of teachers. For example, it compensates all teachers equally. The more qualified teachers that are more effective in teaching may leave the profession because the district does not pay them more than it pays the novice teachers. Teachers have different levels of effectiveness and the district should pay them differently depending on these levels (Podgursky, 4).
Different districts have different schools. For example, some districts may be having small classrooms while others may be having large classrooms. Therefore, based on the districts
teachers should earn different salaries.

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