S Curve for Ev Essay

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S-Curve Insight into the Electric Automobile Industry
Many technological improvements have been made to vehicles to reduce their environmental impact. Some of these advances have been imposed by environmental legislation, others have been incentivized by commercial pressure to improve energy efficiency and limit our dependence on fossil fuel. Greening the transportation sector is thus important for meeting global emissions reduction targets. One innovative technology to achieve a green transportation sector is radically changing the design and components from fossil fuel based internal combustion cars to electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. This technology shift will lead to emergence of new technologies that
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He then developed what is now called Lean Manufacturing System that focuses on achieving zero waste, zero defects, and zero inventories. Lean Manufacturing soon became a standard in the automobile industry leading to an increase in the performance of automobiles. Since early 2000s, automobile manufacturers have reached market saturation as the traditional vehicles reached a maximum integration of technologies and luxuries (CDs, ACs, TVs…). Car manufacturers are now in pursuit of a new technology to replace the polluting internal combustion vehicles that have long shaped the formation of our societies and economies.
With the increase of global awareness on climate change, car manufactures are looking for innovative measures to renovate their gas guzzling vehicles. As a result, new electric and hybrid electric vehicle cars are already launched and are roaming the roads.
The concept of electric vehicles has been around since early 1900’s with Thomas Edison displaying his first electric car in Detroit in 1914. However, since then the technology remained dormant with no major breakthroughs. In 1978, after the oil shortage governments started to encourage manufactures to look for alternatives. GM in that period started developing a marketable electric vehicle, however GM had to put an end to this project due to the pressure from oil companies and governments as the report “Who Killed the

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