Essay on Russian Revolution and Social Change

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Throughout history, revolutions have developed in response to a variety of conditions. These revolutions have often resulted in significant political, economic, and social change. As the 1900’s rolled in, European nations were at peace, that is until the darker forces were pushing Europe toward war. Those darker forces included nationalism and alliance systems that would help fuel the Great War or World War I. The effects of World War I were massive including the Treaty of Versailles and the enormous amount of human casualties as well as economic losses. During World War I, another revolution broke out in Russia, removing Russia from the war and transformed the Russian empire into the first Communist state. There were many causes of …show more content…
As a result, he formed the Dual Alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary, and later, Italy joined this alliance forming the Triple Alliance. Then, the ruler of Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm II, made Bismarck resign and with his efforts, helped make the German navy equal to Great Britain’s. This alarmed Great Britain forcing it to form an alliance with France and Russia forming the Triple Entente. These two rival groups became the opposing sides in World War I. There were many immediate and long term effects of World War I, one being the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty between Germany and the Allied powers was signed on June 28, 1919. First, it created a League of Nations which would help keep the peace among the nations. The treaty also forced Germany to take blame for the war and as a result, Germany had to pay damages to the allies as well as having their military operations restricted. Another effect of World War I was the enormous amount of human casualties as well as economic losses. Approximately 8.5 million soldiers died because of the war. Over 20 million people were wounded. Other people died of starvation and disease. The cost of the war was over $338 billion and it didn’t stop there, as farmland, homes and towns were also destroyed during the war. During World War I, another revolution began, the

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