Essay on Rural Tourism Development in Iran

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Rural Tourism Development in Iran

Research Objectives

As the twentieth century has recently ended, rural development as advocated and practiced by the World Bank is still facing many issues and challenges, because rural development strategies have not been successful in the past. It was not successful in dealing with issues like poverty, employment, health, food security and environmental sustainability. On top of that, strategies in distribution of development benefits also failed and have caused many problems for rural areas (Anderson & Thomson 2003, p.169 -71). The increase in rural migration towards major cities and the reduction in rural households’ income and in rural agriculture have led to an increasing demand for
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However, this source alone cannot earn enough income and provide economic security for rural population. Hence, tourism development as a new strategy for rural development in Iran may play an important role in economic diversification in rural communities and create new opportunities for many. This includes employment creation in the lucrative non-agricultural sectors, increasing rural incomes and reducing differences in income between rural and urban areas. Moreover, tourism development also may play an important role in reducing migration of rural population to cities, and hence, minimizing the problems and issues of major cities (Faghri 2008, pp.5-7).
There are a great number of rural areas in Iran with massive tourism-attraction potentials in different aspects of geographical, cultural, and verity of natural attractions, customs and traditions. These rural-tourism potentials can satisfy tourist’s need for relaxation, exposure to cultures, and joy of natural beauties.
Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism organization (which is responsible for the establishment, development and operation of tourism facilities in Iran) has started to perform fundamental studies for recognizing and investigating in rural tourism potentials since 1996. Rural tourism development in Iran is a new topic, but many studies and researches have been done in last couple of years. For the first time the

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