Rules of the Game Essay

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Rules of the Game
14 June 2010 The film Rules of the Game is a very in depth and unique art that thematically portrays characters playing with the notion of moral codes. What is truly unique about the film is how its literal focus is on appearances all the while showing how reality really is. The characters run around the mansions, in and out doors, through the woods playing musical lovers pushing the limits of morality and the rules of society while not really changing anything at all; they are stuck and defined by their roles After reading Jean-Paul Sartre’s example of “bad faith” it becomes obvious that many of the characters are acting out this form of self deception. A few examples of this is the pilot who loves in his head but
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When the pilot shows up at the estate Christine makes a passive announcement about her past relationship with him denying any sort of romantic attachment; she calls him a dear friend. This is clearly not the case but it removes her responsibility in the affair. Her husband commends her on her discretion, but the look she gives him says that she is unaware of what he is talking about. The pilot’s physical appearance in Christine’s home is an action that demands a reaction; this is similar to the moment in the café when the man places his hand on hers. Like the reaction of the young woman who has turned herself into an object of the situation, Christine contemplates the pilot’s love like she has transcended above, inanimately fixed in her own current situation. Christine knows that she is free, but at the same time she denies her freedom by refusing to play an active and conscious role; this is an inherent contradiction. She is practicing bad faith by allowing events to just happen to her. When Christine finds out about her husband’s affair, she seems collected and at times almost happy that he initiated the act of betrayal allowing her to avoid taking responsibility for her own

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