Roybal Rose and Adultism Essay

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One of the many overlooked oppressions Roybal Rose brings to attention is adultism. Adultism is the systematic or institutionalized oppression of young people based on their age alone. Adultism is an excellent gate to the understanding of "ism"s, or oppressions, because every person experiences it while growing up. Even white, heterosexual men, such as myself, can experience what it is like to be oppressed. Although often times overlooked, adultism has the same degree of negative effects as many other well known oppressions such as racism and sexism.

Adultism is an often time overlooked oppression because of who it effects and how long it has been going on. Racism and sexism are detectable because of who they effect. One can
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A quick way to end adultism from the parent is to stop the idea of "all power" from the beginning. If one has the mentality that a child is a seed that needs water to grow, then the "all power" is lost and the child now develops themselves with the assistance of positive influence from their parents.

Roybal Rose explains that no "ism" or oppression is higher up on a scale of importance, that all oppressions make one feel inferior and worthless at that particular moment. The kind of institutionalized oppression, or the oppression brought on by organizations or the government, felt by blacks and women can also be experienced by young people. For example, many minorities and women are paid less in the workforce because of decisions based solely on sex and color. This is also very true for young adults. Many teenage kids, and even adults in their early to mid twenties are paid much less than older "more experienced" employees. I lived through this first hand while working at a Subway in San Diego. One day I found out that an employee, much older than me, was being paid much more for the same amount of work. When I asked my manager why this was so, she explained to me that "she is older than you, she has more responsibility outside of work, and she has more bills to pay." At the time, I thought this to be

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