Essay about Royal Murders by Dulcie M. Ashdown

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Murder mysteries are one of the most popular genres of novels today. More often than not, these books are fiction. Royal Murders by Dulcie M. Ashdown is a non-fiction book about murder. This novel travels back thousands of years and tells the story of murders in royal households, like the Scottish monarchy of 1570 to the evil doings of Tsar Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible). Although the book could have gone into more detail, it is interesting and informative because the background information is set out in detail, and book reviews suggest that this book is for anyone who shares a deep love for history and mystery.
When the term “monarch” is used, the first thing that comes to mind is a bombastic king and queen with unlimited power. The reality
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Furthermore, the Early Modern Period consisted mainly of an “end to feudalism and systems of personal allegiance that were replaced by emergent nation-states and ideas of nationalism. Early forms of capitalism appeared, as well as deep ties between a country’s economy and its international policies, a system known as mercantilism. The concept of universal Christianity was shattered, and a century of ensuing religious wars would cost hundreds of thousands of lives and untold misery and destruction across much of Europe. Replacing the dominance of the Catholic Church, a new focus on science and discovery swept through the European intellectual community” (“Overview” 1).
Last but not least, “the Long 19th Century consisted of expansion in every way possible” (“City” 3). Cities expanded with the building of more edifices, and social tolerance expanded in every subject and in every direction possible (“City” 3).
Thousands of years before this expansion, hundreds of monarchs had been crowned and some killed shortly thereafter. Hundreds of years of European monarchs and their untimely deaths are accounted for in this novel. The book also mentions “the harrowing punishment inflicted on the attackers if they…

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