Romeo and Juliet by WIlliam Shakespere Essay

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Love is a four-letter word most people experience and claim to understand, however, it is to be remembered that language of simplicity can hold a richer meaning. Love can bear more than one definition; a great deal of complexity is hidden behind the word, love. In Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet love is an inescapable feeling concealed in the lives and spirits of the two main characters. It can be described as a feeling of affection towards someone, which holds a strong relation and/or adherence with the individual expressing these thoughts of love. Through Romeo and Juliet the lovers demonstrate how love has, and always will, have a tremendous impact while continuing to play a meaningful and unpredictable role in their lives. …show more content…
Romeo and Juliet’ forbidden love. Upon discovering Romeo is a Montague, Juliet states without hesitation to her nurse “Go ask his name. – If he is married, my grave is like to be my wedding bed.” (1.5 136-137) Juliet has fallen in love with Romeo and says she is likely to die alone if he turns out to be a married man. To her surprise, shortly after discovering the truth behind Romeo and his family name, Juliet’ words are “My only love, sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known too late! Prodigious birth of love it is to me that I must love a loathed enemy.” (1.5 140-143) unfortunately, Juliet has fallen in love with the one man she is forbidden to. Needless to say, both Romeo and Juliet come to realize in Act 2 scene 2 that they are in the thick of a forbidden love and choose the love they share for one another over philia. The connection found between love and death during the first few acts of the play are all due to Romeo and Juliet’ love versus philia, the love for their families. The possible outcome, should anyone find out they are passionate for each other, would be punishable by death. Shakespeare creates this forbidden love, guiding the lovers either to loneliness or death. But even for Romeo, loneliness is not an option because he would rather die than not have Juliet’ love “Then love-devouring death do what he dare – it is enough I may but call her mine” (2.6

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