Roddy Doyles Paddy Clark: No More Laughing For Paddy Essay

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Roddy Doyle's Paddy Clark: No More Laughing for Paddy

Yer Name Here Poetry/Fiction Paddy Clarke

     Roddy Doyle's Paddy Clarke HA HA HA was a beautifully written book. It perfectly captures the mind of a ten year old boy in Ireland during the mid-
1960's. Paddy Clarke, the young boy who Doyle uses to enter the mind of a ten year old, is a boy who most can relate to. The book explores most aspects of life through the eyes of Paddy. Doyle takes us through childhood and childhood's end. Doyle is able to seize the complexities of life, but at the same time simplify them enough for ten year old.
     Everything is a mystery or an adventure to Paddy and his friends. From taking over
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""Sinbad?" He didn't answer. He wasn't asleep though, I knew the breathing. I could hear him listening. I didn't move. I didn't want him to think I was going to get him." (p.222)
     This drama did not effect me as much as the daily life. The fights I could not relate to. I had never experienced arguments of such high caliber. But inevitably I had experienced the life of a ten year old. I could relate to
Paddy's reactions to certain situations at school. For instance when Paddy and his grade are in line to receive check-ups a joke is made and Paddy says, " I laughed harder than I had to. We all did" (p.144).
     Doyle was able to allow me to not just be a reader but an actor. He was able to make me believe that I was part of Paddy Clarke. Just the way the book was set up brought me closer to the days of being ten. The book was formatted like Paddy's mind. Jumping from thought to thought and scene to scene. This low attention span was what really brought me in to Doyle's world.
     I believe that this book won the Booker Prize because of the way the book is able to avoid sentiment but touch on the important aspects of being ten.
Doyle is able to take the life of a young boy and make it interesting, humorous, and most of all meaningful. It touches on subjects of life that

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