Robert Frost's Love and a Question, Mending Wall, and Home Burial

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Robert Frost's "Love and a Question," "Mending Wall," and "Home Burial"

In Robert Frost’s poems “Love and a Question,” “Mending Wall,” and “Home Burial,” there is a significant barrier present between man and man or woman. Conflict between people is a major theme for these poems, and it alters the outcome of them. There is a great deal of tension present between the characters, causing unstable relationships, as well as a desire for no relationship at all. These three poems are based around knowing that conflict is inevitable, and it evidently causes a desire for little to no human interaction.

In “Love and a Question,” there is tension between man and man and man and woman. The bridegroom is faced with a decision on whether
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While the bridegroom would like to spend time with his new wife, he is also filled with pity for this stranger since no one else will help him. There are two types of love in this poem: a love of his wife, and a selfless love of being a caring and all around good person.

This poem has a dual barrier. There is underlying tension between both the bridegroom and his wife and the bridegroom and the stranger. According to Sandra Katz, Elinor Frost compares this poem to that of her own married life with Robert, and states that Robert desired to keep her and their love separate from the outside world and from all others (44). Frost’s relationship with his wife is mirrored in this poem and it creates a barrier between people and a sense of man vs. woman conflict. The second stanza of the poem begins, “Within, the bride in dusk alone bent over the open fire, her face rose-red with the glowing coal, and the thought of the heart’s desire.” Here Frost depicts an image of a bridegroom staring through a window at his glowing wife. Importantly, the next stanza begins with “The bridegroom looked at the weary road, yet saw but her within.” This shows the man’s inner admiration for his wife, yet the barrier he is faced with since he will not express his feelings for her to anyone but himself. He has problems with separating between his two different

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