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The healthcare system has undergone radical changes in the past decade. Due to technological advancements and developments in medicine, healthcare providers face new and unexpected complex risk issues. Combined with increased legal and regulatory requirements, providers must be proactive in identifying risks and taking preventative measures. Safety has to be a top priority for healthcare organizations and providers. Not only is safety a basic patient expectation, but safety can have a dramatic

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The plan includes decreasing the possibility and consequences of adverse events, while increasing the possibility and consequences of positive events. The plan encompasses not only patients, but patient visitors, employees, the facility and equipment, and third parties.
Goals of the Plan
The goal of the risk management plan is to establish safety policies and procedures, including employee training and certifications, in an effort to reduce risk. The plan outlines how risk management activities will be implemented and performed, managed and prioritized while ensuring oversight and compliance of the plan’s objectives. The best way to minimize risks is to be proactive and look for harm and damage that could be caused by equipment and materials. Creating a checklist or evaluating the equipment and materials on a regular basis helps to organize risk management (Campbell, 2012). The effort to reduce risk begins with risk management plan goals that:
• Encourage an organizational culture that promotes safety
• Promote the quality of patient care
• Identify and investigate areas of actual or potential risk in a timely and efficient manner
• Prevent, as much as possible, injuries to patients, visitors and employees
• Decrease the severity and frequency of any adverse events to patients, visitors and employees
• Prevent or limit financial costs
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