Essay about Rights of Life

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Over the last few decades, the protection of human rights has increased significantly and becomes the most challenge for the organizations of human rights. It occupies not only the specialist but a public as a whole public all over the world. The United Nation defined the human rights as ’’rights underlying to all human beings, regardless of place of residence, sex, our nationality or ethnic origin, , religion, colour language, or any other status. people are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible . In addition to the definition of human rights, There are three main convention for protecting human rights. Firstly, the
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The theme of this essay to examine the differences between the three regional systems for protecting human rights on protection the rights of life and the prohibition of torture and other type of corporal punishments. This essay will first discuss the differences between the three regional systems in the protection of the rights of life specifically the death penalty with controversial case associated with the rights of life. then it will converse the prohibition of torture and other types of corporal punishment with also a controversial case showing the prohibition of torture.

The rights of life is one of the most important and fundamental rights for all human around the world. This rights may cause controversial issue that must be addressed by the regional systems for protecting human rights. There are quite differences between the three regional system for protecting human rights in how they protect the rights of life. Firstly, according to Javaid Rehman (2010), the European convention protects the rights of life by the Article 2 which is the most fundamental of all people and this rights is non-derogable even in war or emergency situation. Although the right of life is non-derogable, the expectation of this right is self defense. The death penalty is also prohibited

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