Revolutionary Influences On Politics Essay

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Revolutionary Influences on Politics

The development of the early republic of the United States of America had many influence from ideas on liberty, equality of men, and God-given rights to mankind. These ideas were formed during many outbreaks of riots, resistance of laws passed by British government, and the yearning for independence. All of these ideas caused many revolutions to form, dismantle of the old American government, and the formation of the one that still exists today. The ideas that came from the American Revolution helped influence the founding fathers into how to form the constitution. The French revolution also had some say in the making of the US government. Revolutionary activity and ideas helped the
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This caused an outbreak of "motley crews" to form and protesting for their "Liberty." Rediker and Linebaugh's definition of a "motley crew" is an organized group of workers (mainly sailors) performing similar tasks or different ones but all working toward the same goal. The term also refers to multi-ethnic, meaning that blacks and whites were working together. In 1765, this motley crew caused a political storm as "they defended liberty in the name of right" and caught the eye of Samuel Adams, one of the founding fathers to help form the present constitution. He concluded a new form of ideology of resistance and embodied the fundamental rights of man against the government o which it could be judged itself (Rediker and Linebaugh). The mobs were against slavery and Adams saw this as a new revolutionary thought. He will later use this influence in the making of the constitution. Much more resistance formed through many different writings and sermons. Events such as the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre also showed the resistance of the colonists of the British government. Thomas Paine, another founding father, put the final touch on how to break away from the "mother land" and why we should do it in his very famous pamphlet Common Sense. This pamphlet put the blame on the British parliament for all of the suffering and pain the colonists had been going through. It was the extra push that got the American Revolution

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