Essay Review of Business Ethics and Global Business Assignment

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Ethical aspects of businesses here in the United States have had many implications in recent years. From the Martha Stewart being found guilty for insider trading, to Bernie Madoff’s pyramid scandal, leaving many retirees working throughout their retirement because the man they trusted spent their hard earned money on a frivolous lifestyle filled with yachts and houses bigger than many of us have ever seen. Then there is Enron who left a path of destruction greater than hurricane Katrina. Stakeholders were left without jobs after years, many non-profit organizations that depended on the company for donations were forced to close down, and the wake that was left behind was devastating for years to follow.
The Enron scandal
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This paper will analyze ethical and social issues within the global market of Asia. It will then discuss cultural diversity considerations for the XYZ Construction relative to establishing field offices in Asia.
Ethical and Social Issues within the Global Market of Asia Globalization in Asia has many new growing concerns. Technology is one of the biggest. Due to new technological advancements, the Asian’s working class societies, such as fishermen, small farms, and other low income producing jobs that were the inner threads of Asian culture, are rapidly becoming obsolete. Large corporations move in and take over this land in order to create multi-million dollar a year technology driven outsourced jobs leaving these traditional occupations lost for these individuals. This leaves these uneducated workers an unfair opportunity, and produces economic hardships for the families and their culture. This creates a gap between the rich and the poor for these communities. There is also the implications that worldwide media has on traditional values and cultures. With social media now at a heighten state of use throughout the entire world, any number of topics can “become Viral” in minutes.
Look at the editor of a major magazine, who “Tweeted” a horribly racist comment regarding her own country and the

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