Review of An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley Essay

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Review of An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley John Boynton Priestly was a socialist. He believed that whether we acknowledged it or not, we are in a community and have a responsibility to look after others. He wrote "An Inspector Calls" to highlight these beliefs and share them. In writing this essay, I intend to show why a play written in 1945 and set in 1912 still has relevance for audiences in the 21st century.

The play An Inspector Calls was written in 1945 within a week of World War Two ending but is set before World
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Certain aspects start to spoil what could be described as 'the start of one of the happiest events of someone's life'.

The Birling family are of high class and are very wealthy. Arthur Birling is very pompous and thinks very highly of himself. He is probably well respected the community and is never seen to do anything wrong. Unfortunately for Mr Birling Priestley portray him in a slightly different way to the audience with a cleverly constructed piece of dialogue.

He tells everyone "there is a lot of silly talk about these days", "you can ignore all this pessimistic talk", "just because the miners came out on strike there's a lot of wild accusations about possible labour trouble in the near future"," you'll hear some people say that war is inevitable and to that I say - fiddlesticks!", " I say there isn't a chance of war", " the Titanic -unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable", " a few German officers talking nonsense and a few scaremongers here making a fuss about nothing "The Germans don't want a war. Nobody wants a war" , "we're in for a time of increasing prosperity" , "lets say in 1940 you may be giving a little party like this and I tell you, by that time you'll be living in a world that'll have forgotten all these Capital versus Labour agitations and all these silly

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