Revenge in Shakespeare, Allen Poe and Robert Browning's Literature

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One rainy, spring afternoon I noticed a flashing light and a loud, booming sound outside my bedroom window. I quickly grabbed my raincoat and rushed outside to see what was going on and before I knew it, blinding lights beamed me up inside a strange object. I had never seen anything like it and then it dawned on me that I must be inside a spaceship! Strange-looking, blue creatures appeared before me and began asking questions about human feeling and emotion. They seemed to be harmless, yet curious as to what I could tell them about revenge. So I began by saying, revenge is the act of inflicting hurt or harm on someone in hopes of getting even with them for wronging somebody else. Revenge is spiteful and often people retaliate because of …show more content…
In this example revenge is personal! Montresor cannot take anymore bullying from Fortunato, so he decides it is better to do away with him. Montresor thought out the way he would kill Fortunato and he hinted at it throughout the story, but Fortunato was too intoxicated to understand what Montresor was saying. Revenge is intended to harm somebody as “payback”. In this case, Montresor thought Fortunato was deserving of death for his constant harassment. Revenge is often seen as unfair, except in the eyes of the avenger. The idea of revenge is one that is almost instinctive to human nature. Family pride and honor are very important to people. To protect one's name, there is no limit to what some will do. Montresor is driven more by the desire for revenge than he is by the actual insult. At all costs, he has to protect his name. Ironically, Poe has Fortunato dressed as a clown, yet he has this rich, aristocratic look about him. He may look like a jester, but all the while Montresor is the one making a fool of him. This kind of payback is what sociologists and philosophers call “just-deserts retribution”. Dr. John M. Darley, a professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University, said “such actions involve a deliberate effort to tailor the retribution to the crime, often taking into consideration as many relevant details about the offender

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