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If it wasn’t for the additional text declaring it a Mexican restaurant you wouldn’t be able to tell without closer inspection of the signs advertising a ‘Margarita Happy Hour,’ and even that provides only a small inkling as to the wonders that lie beyond the glass doors.

Upon entering the restaurant you are greeted by cheerful mariachi music springing from the car speakers conspicuously affixed to the ceiling. You have to look twice just to confirm the reality, but they are indeed car speakers bolted into the ceiling and it is indeed a joyous Spanish tune they belt, unceasingly, which you learn to enjoy as time goes by. Just to the left of the entrance is the register counter that looks more like an impromptu business office with a fax machine, teetering piles of papers, and an assorted collection of candy, at very reasonable price, all of which is blessed beneath a portrait of the Virgin Mary and a Corona beer advertisement. The restaurant itself is divided into four parts by three walls, the far left one directly in front of the entrance being a low wall and the other two complete, but with large window like expanses perforating them. It is on the far left that the bar resides; a simple affair made up to be almost tropical in appearance with tiki-torches and a faux-thatched roof, which when taken alone seems to betray the aesthetic, but all things considered, it is a perfect fit
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