Response to the Poem She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways by William Wordsworth

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Response to the Poem She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways by William Wordsworth

The poem for me, illustrates a beautiful image of timelessness being interrupted. Lucy is almost portrayed as immortal; her beauty was so breath-taking. When she died, or "ceased to be", the author is just left astounded - "what has happened here?" My main inspiration for my story was the last paragraph.

The character of Edward is ruled by routine. The war was a significantly distressing experience for him. He needed a stable friendship, and in Francesca, that's what he got. When Francesca "ceased to be" however, he was left feeling shell-shocked. There is no one else who knew the impact it would have on his life -
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If that's true, then my picture tells a story of loss, devastation and constant sadness. That attempt at a smile says more than I could ever by speech.

I glanced briefly at the clock - 10:45am. Perfect. Pausing to collect my carefully written letter and envelope, I stepped into the new day. Following an unconscious routine, I stopped to check the door behind me before following the well-trod path to the road. My feet knew the stretch of road to my destination intimately. They followed their own routine, guiding me gently to the post office. My mind followed its own recognised pattern of thoughts. Being Tuesday, I suspected, if not knew, that I had a letter waiting for me from my mother. The precisely printed envelope I carried bore her address. Spontaneity was not something my mother had ever enjoyed or encouraged. She was a very structured woman and she always appreciated a structured letter from her only son every Wednesday, preferably with a postmark of the day before.

My thoughts dwindled, and I focused on my surroundings. My feet, as usual, had deposited me outside the post office. It was a small, unassuming building standing next to a general store. I waited for a bit longer outside the post office, gathering my thoughts and courage. I always needed to compose myself momentarily before setting my foot inside.

Francesca was inside.


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