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BCLUW a small rural district made up of five small towns. In an area like this it is sometimes difficult to provide a diverse amount of services to all of the parties involved. We have nearly the differences in population that a larger metro area would have. But when you divide and separate an already small community the amount of services that can also be divided to meet all of the needs of the citizens is a difficult burden to bare for a school. With that being said, looking at the matrix it can be argued that there are lots of services provided and in most cases they are adequate. But, like anything else there is lots of room for improvement.

To determine the rank for the key groups I choose to look at two criteria. The
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From top to bottom this is our most extensive service we provide students and families at BCLUW Although our activities and athletics are funded through our gate receipts we still have a very influential boost club and foundation network. BCLUW is able to support a Foundation, Sports Boosters, After Prom, Wolf Creek Wrestling, Basketball Club, Little League Football, PEP (Parent Education Partnership) and Music Boosters. Every year these groups fundraise and donate back nearly $50,000 dollars a year (Business manager, Paula Benson). The organizations are run and supported by those that have both time and money. That is also the main user of many of these organizations. Because these groups influence virtually every student it could possibly hold the highest rank. However, the non-SES families in our community make up about 75% of the population, putting them in the second ranked position. There is also a close tie socially between the top two as many of the more financially stable are able to support athletics though these organizations For a school our size we have many opportunities for the performance and interpretive arts. We have adequate: band, vocal, and art departments. Our students can participate in speech, two school plays, contests, several concerts. There are two groups in town: The Whistle Stop Players and the Tuesday Music Club, both of which give scholarships to graduating seniors, support school functions, and us school facilities for

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