Residential Access to Basic Infrastructure Essay

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Splintering urbanism can be better defined and understood by taking each word and their definition individually and then bringing them together and looking at the two words as a whole. Splintering refers to splitting or breaking up into parts, a fragmentation. Urbanism can be defined as the pattern of behaviour, relationship and modes of thought characteristic of urban life. Graham and Marvin define splintering urbanism as the dialectical and diverse sets of processes surrounding the parallel unbundling of infrastructure networks and the fragmentation of urban space is described by the broad umbrella term ‘Splintering Urbanism’ (Graham & Marvin, Splintering Urbanism, 2010). Graham and Marvin strongly argue that infrastructure
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This can also relate to developed countries versus third world countries, or under developed. People only want the best for themselves and their families and that is why many flee their home country to come to live and earn a better life in a more stable country and have the necessities of living, such as clean water.
“In many developing cities the ideal of distributing water and sewerage services to all has long been abandoned. In Mumbai, India residents of informal settlements actually use the water pipes which distribute drinkable water to affluent gated condominium complexes as perilous footways for transportation. But they have no access whatever to the water supplies within the pipe. Instead such settlements are often forced to pay extremely high prices for bottled water that is brought in by tanker and sold by private entrepreneurs at huge profit margins.” (Graham & Marvin, Splintering Urbanism: Networked Infrastructures, Technological Mobilities and the Urban Conditions, 2001)
In most developing cities, water utilities, with inadequate financial, technological or political resources to extend their water grids to cover burgeoning urban peripheries, have therefore, in a sense, faced their own individual collapse of the modern

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