Republic of Korea: The Struggle Essay example

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If asked a little over a year ago what I thought South Korea was like the answer would have contained a lot of ignorance. With North Korea so close I considered it a Communist nation under a dictatorship. The nation had an economy based mostly off of farming and some factory work. Without a need for special skills, I would assume it would be safe to say that there is very little educational value held and children were expected to work as soon as possible. School is only for the elite, mainly government officials and their families. The streets would be dirty and crowded without having a more advanced utility system or any type of sanitation program cleaning the cities. In the main cities I could see having a small amount of motorized …show more content…
The two nations rarely communicate but both stand on either side of the DMZ, the north with a Totalitarian ideology and the South with an Authoritarian ideology. Dealing with such an oppressive and violent history, much like the Congo, it is not a surprise that sexual violence has been on an increase. Although theft being the most common crime, “Since the 1980’s, sexual violence against women has drawn public concern, and legislation to deal with it was enacted in the 1990’s” (Chunghee Arah).

According to Professor Geert Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions, South Korea shows very little patience with uncertainty. Demonstrating the highest dimension score of Uncertainty Avoidance, South Korea structured rigid rules and regulations in order to maintain order and control in every situation, both in the home and government. South Koreans seem to have created an environment completely opposite of their enemy. The government setup is that of a more democratic state including a Parliament, legislative, executive and judicial branch and the president is elected by a popular vote for a single term of five years. South Koreans hold onto every bit of control and dominance in a situation possible by creating and endorsing total loyalty. As a Collectivistic society it is extremely important to them to have strong relationships where, as a whole, everyone takes responsibility in the group. The family

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