Report on Tesco's PLC Essay

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Report on Tesco's PLC

The organisation in which I have decided to produce a written report on is Tesco's PLC as they are proving to be the most dominating organisation within the supermarket market despite Wal-Mart taking over Safeway’s. Tesco's as an organisation is classed as the leading supermarket within Britain, it is also the national leader within the food sector. It is now a global organisation as tesco stores are available in countries such as Ireland, Asia and Central Europe. The largest Tesco store is situated in Newcastle. In 1997 Tesco's opened their first Tesco's Extra store which has been running successfully for the past eight years.

Tesco is a leading European based retailer
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In order to achieve this they ensure that staff training has been carried out efficiently which can reflect upon higher standards of customer services which will enable customers to receive the services in which they require.

Tesco's also contribute to other areas such as charities, regeneration, education and environment. The ways in which tesco have contributed to schools is by adding tokens and vouchers to their products for schools, which enables schools to benefit from discounted equipment. This is an incentive on Tesco's behalf as by encouraging customers to buy products towards the improvement of education will also enable customers to receive the benefits too as they receive the products which they require and assist in improving education at the same time. Tesco's main contribution towards schools has been towards and sports and ICT equipment.

By Tesco's being identified as helping the community as opposed to just within Tesco's itself, this gives them a stronger identity within the market which associates them than being more than just a supermarket but part of the public as it involvement is stronger it will benefit Tesco's as a whole.

As mentioned before, customers play a great role in the success of Tesco's as one of Tesco’s values is to understand customers better than anyone. Tesco's go to great lengths to ask customers

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