Reparations for Slavery - Just Another Way to Waste Taxes? Essay

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Reparations for Slavery - Just Another Way to Waste Taxes?

Why should American taxpayers, who never owned slaves, pay for the sins of their ancestors? What about all the Americans whose ancestors arrived here long after slavery ended? How would the economy be affected by reparations payments? How do you put a price tag on 2 1/2 centuries of legalized inhumanity? In what form would reparations be paid? How would you establish who's a descendant? It all still comes down to one basic question, Should the descendents of slaves’ masters have to pay for their ancestors’ direct involvement and economic compensations from the institution of slavery in America? The answer is yes, reparations should be paid to the descendents of slave’s.
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Though this may be the case, the descendents of slave masters still reap the benefits from the institution of slavery. Many companies, products, and labor that slaves established were taken from African’s while slave master’s claimed it as their own were which Caucasians have prospered from. These inventions and companies made African’s slave master’s wealthy individuals causing them to be apart of the elite; meaning their money is being passed down from generation to generation and where they will still have wealth even if they choose not to work. Another aspect of reparations is that Africans/African Americans were denied education for centuries. Reparations can be in the form of free college education. Although African Americans have the free will to receive an education now it took an extended period in time to receive that privilege. Moreover, when people think of reparations the first thing that comes to mind is money. Reparations is the compensation in not only money but also materials payable by a defeated nation for damages to or expenditures sustained by another nation as a result of hostilities with the defeated nation. African Americans do not have to be compensated with money, and I think African Americans should not be compensated with money. Businesses and inventions that were originally created by Africans/African Americans can be the form of reparations. An instance of this is Black Wall

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