Renaissance Values Essay examples

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In today’s society most people who are asked to name a great artist of all time reply with names such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelengelo. These people created their genius masterpieces during a time of growth and change in Europe known as the Renaissance. I think that the Renaissance came about when it did for many reasons such as changes in the church, new money, trading, education, and humanism. Some of these same changes in our society have made it possible for us to have the new innovations in art we have today.
     First, during the time of the Renaissance the Catholic Church was making great changes and the Reformation was right around the corner. Before this time people devoted much of their time and
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     I suppose that since the people now had more money and less time spent on religion they started to take interest in educating themselves with things like the classical times, science, and math. The printing press was even invented during this time which helped to spread these ideas. I think that this has a great deal to do with the amount of money that was spent on art. I can’t imagine that the leaders of the towns would have been so quick to hire these artist to make their creations if the people of their society could not have found out about it like they could with the new press.
     Above all of these things I have mentioned I think that the idea of Humanism that spread during the Renaissance was the main reason why society accepted and wanted these masterpieces. Humanism led the people to think that one man can achieve any amount of greatness and glorification. Therefore, I think the society was looking for people to achieve this greatness and praising them when they did. A great example of this is that they gave these masterminds outstanding ability the same level of recognition that they gave to literary geniuses. I would think that people such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelengelo would have probably still made masterpieces (maybe not so much by using science) even if these things were not happening in their society, but I do not believe they would have been

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