Essay on Religious Freedom: A Religious Trap?

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Due to the history of other countries Religious Freedom should not be legalized further. Though one might obtain Christian values, Freedom of Religion laws have been known to be the backbone for discrimination, hatred and violence, and superiority. This causes one religious group to feel dominant over another’s religious beliefs. Discrimination of Religious groups in the United States are not nearly as severe as other countries throughout the world, yet discrimination in the U.S. is becoming more widespread and an imminent threat to “Freedom of Religion.” Zak Lutz a Student in Harvard Political Law Review comments on a recent and publicized court case has been the U.S. Conference or Catholic Bishop’s lawsuit against the Obama …show more content…
By expanding religious freedom laws the United States is more vulnerable to allowing more of the discriminatory cases such as what cases such as what occurs in several countries across the world. Eric Schulzke a Writer for Deseret News exposes such discriminatory cases such as, “An Indonesian mob shouting “Allah Akbar” surrounded three men at the doorway of their mosque, stripped them naked and beat them to death with stones, sticks, and machetes … The victims of the February 2011 killings were members of Ahmadiiyya, a tiny Muslim sect considered blasphemers by many Muslims because they believe their 19th — Century founder was a prophet. In strict Islamic tradition, blasphemy is punishable by death” (Schulzke 1). After the three men were killed, “Two key government officials soon signed a decree ordering the Ahmadiyya to stop teachings that “deviate from the principal teachings of Islam” and to stop teaching “that there is another prophet with his own teachings after Prophet Mohammed” (Schulzke 1). The Government of Indonesia has allowed the escalation of discrimination to ensue. “In July 2010, large mobs repeatedly tried to vandalize an Ahmadiyya mosque in West Java, while local police made minimal efforts to control the crowd. “When the Indonesian authorities sacrifice the rights of religious minorities to appease hard—line Islamic groups…” … “In Pakistan, four million Ahmadiyya are literally treated as

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