Relax and Transform in the Euro-Med Spa Essay

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Euro-Med Spa is a private business that offers a variety of med-esthetic services from relaxing facials to GPS Lipo sculpting. This facility advertises its services by using advertisements in different magazines that can easily be found in the mailbox. After looking at the ad, consumers can see that the tactics used by this company are intended to highlight the modern society’s obsession with weight loss and body image. The purpose of the ad is to catch the attention of adult women who are not confident with their personal appearance and want to try something different from the regular dieting and exercising regiment. In this ad, pathos is used to evoke emotions and beliefs, and raise hope in the audience while logos provides evidence in …show more content…
The feeling of “not being good enough” grows when the word “perfection” appears. In the ad, they state: “Seeking perfection? Consider it done!” This affirmation brings hope, anxiety, and happiness based on the future desired body. Euro-Med Spa basically offers a transformation in the patient’s appearance that guarantees perfect results. Another example: “Too much to lose? Not a problem!” This persuasive language creates high expectations in the audience in comparison with the actual results that could be obtained. The audience response can vary depending on the beliefs of the individual; but it is clear that the advertisement reinforce the society’s demand for perfection.
Equally important as the use of pathos to convince the audience is the use of logos in the Euro-Med’s ad. The ad includes evidence in the form of before-and-after weight loss pictures. Also, it includes the phone number and the website of Euro-Med which contains facts, details, and videos explaining the effectiveness of each procedure. The before-and-after pictures present the purpose of the ad at first hand to the audience, but also questions the effectiveness they claim. Most readers will need more information in order to be fully convinced. Indeed, the ad may persuade the readers to investigate the webpage or not, depending on the reader’s knowledge about these procedures and the ad’s influence on her. It is possible that Euro-Med Spa tries to

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