Essay on Rejecting Democracy in Favor of Capitalism?

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The essential question to my research is this: Did the United States reject democracy in favor of capitalism during the Cold War? Because this question is rather large, this paper will be condensed to looking at Latin America, more specifically Chile. At the onset of the Cold War, the United States federal government created NSC-68, a document that has been said to be the blueprint for the foreign policy of the United States throughout the first half of the Cold War. The focus of the first part of the document is establishing the ideological reason behind United States involvement and action in the Cold War with the USSR – namely to defend the freedoms and liberties of democracy against the evils and slavery of Communism. With this …show more content…
Because of the potential collapse of US controlled markets in Chile, the United States government decided to support a military coup of Allende’s government and establish a puppet government that would assist our economic wants. However, the government they supported was not democratic, and in fact was the cause of huge human rights violations, which the US knew about. This will be the other focus of the paper – the support of a non-democratic, ruthless regime under Pinochet. This paper is important for examining how the United States defines its foreign policy and then if those actions support its ideological stance. Not only does this topic have important implications for the subject of study, but also for how people view the United States government in general. Hopefully this paper will flesh out a pattern of hypocritical actions by the United States in multiple spheres, not only Chile. Current views on this subject are limited, and many people think that an economic reason behind the United States intervention in Latin America is a weak connection. That being said, this paper will present several obstacles in writing, the primary one being how can current notions of a seemingly weak link between the US economy and interventionist actions be overcome by the arguments presented in this paper. In order to accomplish that goal, this paper must be able to assert and support

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