Essay on Refugees and Asylum In Islam

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A person may leave his/her country of origin due to political reasons. When the person requests for protection from a foreign country he/she is accepted as an asylum. The country offers protection to the person as a political refugee. Those who seek asylum are normally persecuted for political reasons (Oxford journal, 2011). Those who confess to the Muslim religion view political asylum and migration with great importance. This is due to the political situation of the Muslim states. The region experiences the challenge of political instability. The region experiences frequent conflicts and forced migrants. According to the Islamic theory, there are teachings relating to forced displacement and refugees. The teachings are …show more content…
It focuses on regions such as South and South East Asia and has further expanded to West and Central Asia (Abdas Sabur, 2003). The institution has several activities geared towards several achievements. The activities include; MAN watch which advocates for the rights of children, women and religious and ethnic minorities. HIV/AIDS prevention; it conducts this program in conjunction with ARF to do research, educate on prevention, and networking and advocacy. Research fellowship; it deals with the provision of research grants to young Muslim scholars on economic, socio-political changes and cultural issues. School of peace studies and conflict transformation; it offers training on peace studies and conflict transformation to the Muslim community. This institution fully addresses the Arab-Islamic and the Ottoman-Turkish traditions since both regions exist where the institution operates (Racheline Barda, 2008). The Ottoman system was mainly used in the Ottoman Empire towards the non-Muslim minorities. This system was exercised in Egypt. The population comprised of Muslims, Christians and the Jews. The Jews in Egypt were mainly from; Istanbul, Aleppo, Salonika, Damascus and Smyrna. The Jews came from morocco where they were suffering of persecution and abuse and hence sought asylum in Egypt. Egypt therefore offered protection to the minorities fairly. The Ottoman allowed those who sought asylum to

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