Reflection Essay on My Online Writing Class

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When I started this program, I was worried I would not be able to do an online course. This is the first online college course that I’ve ever taken. On top of this course, I have been taking five other classes and have been very involved in other activities. However, I’ve worked hard to keep up and improve my writing skills. Every day that I’m able to use a computer, I sign into Moodle. When I’m not around a computer, I work on the paper or assignments that are due for that day.

In this paper, I will review my first paper in this course compared to the writing skills I have established now. The first paper I wrote in this course was a reflection paper. The reflection paper was on the topic of American culture. The paper discusses
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I have watched many Youtube videos which also explain comma usage and fragments. This was my biggest issue in the first paper I wrote.

Another problem I faced was my use of second person perspective in this paper. When I found out that I had used second person perspective multiple times, I realized that I should find a way to fix this. So I decided the best thing to do would be to review my papers thoroughly. Now, before I submit any paper I review it multiple times to fix any problems that I can. One thing that this essay taught me was the importance and benefits of having multiple drafts in the writing process. Prior to this essay, I did not understand how to use the revision process to clarify and perfect my ideas. I now have fewer corrections or problems with my essays.

Finally, I decided another thing I should do to improve the overall quality of my papers was to read in depth the course competencies. I printed out the list of the course competencies and kept it on my desk. Each prompt for a paper addresses what course competencies are involved. So tried to follow what each paper specifically addressed. I think this helped me focus, and decide how I was going to improve each paper I wrote. This gave me a solid list of what was needed to write the paper. I think this “list” was very helpful in both the writing and revision process of all of the papers I

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