Reducing My Personal Impact on Global Climate Change Essay

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Over the years scientist and international stakeholders in global climate and environment such as the IPCC and UNEP have overwhelmingly agreed that the major cause of the earth’s climate change and environmental degradation is of anthropogenic origins. These anthropogenic activities include the release of large volumes of gases into the atmosphere especially carbon gases from both industrial and domestic sources, deforestation, landfilling and encroachment of swamps and wetlands. The effects of the impact of human activities on the global climate and environment are already being experienced by humans in the form of rising sea levels threatening low lying areas, extinction of certain animals and plant species, increase in neoplastic and …show more content…
With knowledge of information from the above and that gained from SGO4301 – Global Environmental Change – as my motivation, my personal goal for course’s reflection paper was to change and minimize my daily activities that are malignant to the environment. This called for a critical review of my daily activities and listing of that which were deemed harmful to the environment. After careful deliberation I was able to identify three major acts or situations in my life that I considered need to be changed, these acts were: my waste disposal habit, excessive use of electricity and water and regular use of the city bus. I resolved to separate my waste according to the guidelines of Oslo Kommune, minimize my use of electricity by putting off my lights, electronic gadgets such as personal computer; music system and television when they are not needed or in use; and also to use my bicycle more often in travelling within the city instead of taking the bus. From a wider perspective changing these acts may seem insignificant to the issue of climate and environmental change compared to the actions of factories and industries which are the main contributors to the malignant problem of climate and environment change. However as the adage goes, “A journey of a thousand mile begins with a step”, this individual act couple with that of other people have the capacity to change the harmful acts of companies and industries considering the fact that these

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