Redemption for One´s Self: Example in Novel The Kite Runner Essay

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As one becomes a teenager they grow ambition to learn about several things that were not completely understandable in prior years. With another year of age comes a greater need to want to prove to yourself to all friends and family. This desire to impress people that you look up to takes over all your thoughts. Opportunities to prove yourself come and you end up becoming a different person in attempts to show your friends and family what you are capable of. What had happened that day was you making such a huge mistake but the biggest problem in this is when you continue to try and be this separate person. Fast forward some time and reality hits. The idea that you became someone else who didn’t treat everyone well, gives the realization …show more content…
What you find in this story are some great examples of redemption. In the story, the boys share a love for the competition of kite fighting. Something to know is that in kite fighting there are: a flyer who flies the kite, and a runner, who retrieves the kite. Something that happens the day of the big kite fighting tournament occurred because of the Amir’s decision.
We soon find that Amir had won. Hassan then ran to retrieve the winning kite for his close friend Amir. When Hassan found the kite he had also found the town bullies. These bullies were angry from a confrontation not too long before the tournament. Two of the bullies had held Hassan down while the main bully formulated plans for Hassan. Amir went in search of his winning kite and his friend Hassan. When Amir found them he realized that he needed to make a decision. He faced the decision on whether he would want to have his father love him and possibly give him more attention for the winning kite or protect his friend (who would always protect him). The decision that Amir made ended up choosing gave the bullies the ability to do a horrible and cruel thing to Hassan. The bullies ending up showing their dominance over Hassan. What Amir had realized after he showed his father the kite was that he did not need the kite to get attention from his father. When Hassan ended up finding his way back to the house. He was quiet and broken inside. What had happened that

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