Essay on Redefining Education for the Future

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With the economic situation today, it is more important than ever to make sure that students are being provided with skills that allow them to compete in the job market. Every year it seems like we are hearing how schools in the United States are falling behind students in other developed countries, and yet funding for education continues to be cut. Education needs to be pushed to the forefront, in order for the United States to remain competitive in the world market. While spending for administration needs to be cut, focused spending for academic programs and upgrading technology needs to continue and even be increased to make students better prepared for college and the job market.
Although we need to provide a better educational
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However many preschool programs are inadequate or nonexistent. Consolidating head start and current preschool programs to include every student would go a long way in making sure that children start off their educational career with a strong foundation. Earlier exposure to resources could also allow for physical and educational issues to be recognized earlier allowing for additional services to be provided to allow children to catch up with their peer group. Although this program would call for additional funding, consolidating head start, current preschool budgets, and the partial day preschool funds from the Department of Health and Social Services could go a long way in bridging the funding cap. In almost every facet of today’s society technology is ingrained, except in the classroom. Teachers and school districts are relying on techniques they have been used for years, and are not taking advantage of advances that can make the learning process easier. Many elementary schools in this country are lacking basic tools, such as computers, overhead projectors, and whiteboards. Computers can lead to a varied educational experience and allow for reading and math programs that can be tailored to fit a child’s educational strengths and weaknesses. While

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