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Layton says at a time in the story, that his back hurts a lot, and that he wants someone to step on it, while he's lying down. Sam stands up without doubting and "jumps right into it". This could be a symbol for her trying to challenge her sexuality - a symbol for her being sexual mature maybe. Sam's father goes to bed because he is tired, so Sam and Layton are now all alone. Layton asks Sam to kneel down with her knees between his shoulder blades, in which she did. Layton swung his hand and touched her hip. It stayed there and slipped under the back of Sam's thighs. She tried to remove it but he slipped it back under her thigh, over her shorts, touching between her legs - this is her first sexual experience; the sexual maturity comes in the picture here again. She stood up immediately, but he pulled her back to the ground and asked her to stay. She leaved him, and went into her burrow to sleep. The next day not a single word was said between them. They all leaved the camp to go home. When they got home, the first thing Sam did was filling out the final form for the scholarship to the boarding school. This again shows us that Sam has become way more grown up and way more secure and herself and her decisions - the gun definitely plays a big role in the story, and is a big symbol in the story; the gun is what changed her. There is also some color symbolism in the title "Red from Green". The red color symbolizes two different
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