Essay about Recycling Techniques

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Throughout the world, there are many people passionate about recycling and saving the environment. While the need to increase recycling, it caused an eruption to preserve and protect their natural resources. This cause has become one of the single most important movements of this century. The true meaning of recycling is to process the used or unwanted waste products that our society produces and turn them into renewable and reusable products. The process of recycling reduces the overall cost of manufacturing new products from raw materials and it also lowers the use of energy. There are many products that can be turned into recyclable products. With the technology advancements and regulatory guidance in place regarding recycling, society …show more content…
Recycling not only helps keep the environment clean but it also reduces the cost of producing new products. Furthermore, recycling relieves the pressure from the use of already depleting natural resources and it also reduces the harmful impact on the environment. For example, often the paper individuals write and print on is made from post consumer recycled paper thus creating the need for fewer trees to be cut down and landfill overcrowding with these paper products.
According to a report from the (Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], 2010) as a combined total of individuals within the United States, we generate about 250 million tons of trash in a year. Per day in America the average of about 4.43 pounds of waste is the average use per person. In 2010 with the process of recycling technology and composting becoming energized the American public recycled more than 65 million tons of waste. Of these products, 20 million tons of recyclables were turned into an effective source of energy. With the standards being set and enforced for recycling programs, the American public has brought the average pounds of waste an individual uses from 4.43 down to 2.9 pounds per person daily. With these direct changes implemented, it reflects the efforts of recycling and composting programs.
Not only does recycling help the environment and protect natural recourses but it also brings about the communities as a family and it promotes involvement and

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