Essay on Reasons of why Vaccines are our Future

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Why are parents not vaccinating their children against preventable diseases? Many infants and children are dying around the world due to preventable diseases. The parents of children in underdeveloped nations of the world are in need of vaccines. Vaccines are sent to these locations to help the people thrive. However, in the United States it is a different version, where parents demand their children not to be vaccinated. Vaccines are readily available to people, yet they refuse for many different reasons. Most of the reasons given for not vaccinating children are because of religious reasons, forgetfulness, moral beliefs, monetary issues and the theory that vaccines cause other health related issues, such as autism. The United …show more content…
The population of people who died the most was infants and children. The total amount of people who have perished because of disease is incomputable. The world we live in today has the most population of people the world has ever seen. One of the reasons for this is because of vaccines. Vaccines save lives by helping the young people with immature immune systems. By exposing the young to a dead or weak strain of a virus, they will receive immunities to prevent them from catching a disease. Many people in today’s society believe that vaccines are dangerous and do more harm than good. One of the most talked about health related issue with vaccines is that they cause autism in children. The idea that autism is caused because of vaccines has caused many parents to stop vaccinating their children. People were in fear of their children developing autism. The belief that vaccines caused autism was initiated by Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He conducted a study of twelve children whom their parents believed that the vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella gave them autism. Of course this information was published in a medical journal. When parents began to read the newly discovered information, vaccinations became the reason that the children were not normal. At that point children were not getting immunizations as they were before.
Millions of dollars were then spent to verify the Wakefield study to ensure the safety of children in the

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