Reality Television Today Essay

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X Games

In today’s society “reality television” and competitions that involve high risk behavior are extremely popular. In particular, the X Games are a great example of an extreme competition that attracts viewers from every age, race, and sex. Its popularity can be directly contributed to the fact that it involves high risk behavior, and competition. Two things that no warm blooded individual can resist. As sports around the globe become increasingly intense, there is always that drive for something more extreme. Something that contains more risk, more chance of injury, and something that makes you say, “Wow I didn’t even know that was possible!” The X Games has all this and more. The X Games stands for Extreme Games and that
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According to ESPN, who broadcasts the games, the Summer X Games attracted more viewers in this age group then the Super Bowl (Tuttle B03). A shift in the viewing patterns of this group of males has a lot to do with the way the youths of society are brought up. There is a rise in the need to be different, and to lead a more distinctive lifestyle. Kids in America know the name Tony Hawk better than almost any other professional athlete. Most of the mainstream youth in America can identify with X Athletes much better than with the stereotypical professional athletes (Tuttle B03).

Ron Semiao the director of programming for ESPN says, “…athletes in the X Games are really no different from the ordinary working stiff, which may be part of the games’ appeal” (Tuttle B03). I believe that this is an accurate statement. It is hard to identify with the glam lifestyle of say a professional football player, who is not in touch with problems faced by youth in America. On the other hand most of the athletes in the X Games are closer to the age of the viewing audience. It is easy to relate to someone who is just a normal kid. A lot of the competitors in the X Games are down to earth people who are facing most of the same problems that we as young adults are facing in our lives. A lot of younger people grow up looking up to the men and women that participate in the X Games. A lot of kids grow up participating in the same sports as are portrayed in the X Games.

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