Reading Intervention Model by Melissa M. Woodward Essay

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Table of Contents

3. Article Reviews
5. My area of Focus/ The Issue
6. Purpose/ the Big Question/ Phonics Approach
7. Linguistic, Multisensory, & Neurological Impress Approaches
8. Language Experience Approach/Reading Comprehension Support/Setting & Sample Population
9. Data Collection Procedures
10. Discussion of Action & Conclusion
11. References

Article Reviews
In the article Reading Intervention Models: Reading Intervention Models: Challenges of Classroom Support and Separated Instruction by Melissa M. Woodward and Carolyn Talbert-Johnson discussed whether or not pull-out was necessary. Research was conducted by distributing a survey to teachers and reading specialist. They agreed that
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This study was based on Vygotsky's social constructivist theory. Forty-nine students were given a pre/posttest of the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) and Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy scores (DIBELS) to assess changes in reading comprehension and fluency. The study implied a positive outcome for pull-out interventions. In the article: Effective Programs for Struggling Readers: A Best-Evidence Synthesis by Robert E. Slavin, Cynthia Lake, Susan Davis, and Nancy A. Madden, they reviewed achievement outcomes for students in alternative approaches for at risk readers one of which was in pull out intervention. Findings supported that the small group setting/pull out interventions had a significant impact on students achieving their reading goals. Another article: In class or Pullout: Effects of Setting on the Remedial Reading Program by Rita M. Bean, William W. Cooley, R. Tony Eichelberger, Meryl K. Lazar, and Naomi Zigmond, stated that students that were pulled out for reading remediation experienced more direct teaching activities in a group situation. In one piece: The Elementary Pull-out Crisis: Using Research Effectively by Robert Gillespie, he stated the opposite about pull- out interventions. Mr. Gillespie stated that the pull-out intervention had no effect on student outcomes. I have to

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