Essay Rastafarianism in Jamaica

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Rastafarianism arose in the slums of Jamaica around the time between the nineteen twenties and nineteen thirties. It has a lot of inspirations of Christianity combined into its culture. Rastafarianism is a very interesting religion; it’s followers known as Rastafarians as well as Rasta’s or Rastafaris, derived from Jamaica to form a unique clan of Jamaican-English. For most Rastafarians what they believe is not a religion, but simply just a way of life. Rastafarians share their emotions about oppression, poverty, and black discrimination along with their religion. The next few paragraphs will explain Rasta history, major beliefs, religious practices, and the religions subdivisions. In the early years of this religion a man by the name of …show more content…
Rastafarians worshiped Selassie, they believed he was divine even though he spoke that he was merely a mortal man. Haile Selassie did many great things for the Rasta’s: added Ethiopia to the League of Nations, sent ships to bring back black Jamaicans back to their homeland, and began to bring Rastafarianism to life. The followers of Rasta still pray and believe he is the center of Rastafarianism to this day, even though he passed away in 1975. Rastafarianism is composed of many branches and continues to grow till this day. Leonard P. Howell of Jamaica created the first branch of Rasta in 1935. Leonard Howell went by these six principles:“ One-Hatred of Whites, Two-Superiority of Blacks: Blacks are God's chosen people, Three-Blacks will soon rule the world, Three-Revenge on Whites for their wickedness, Whites will become the servants of Blacks, Four-The negation, persecution and humiliation of the government and legal bodies of Jamaica, Five-Repatriation: Haile Selassie will lead Blacks back to Africa, Six-Acknowledging Emperor Haile Selassie as God, and the ruler of Black people”(BBC). Other branches include: Rastafarian Movement Association, The Ethiopian National Congress, and The Twelve Tribes of Israel. This culture helped to repair Africa and bring freedom and the stop of discrimination of the black society. Rastafarians center their beliefs on

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