Essay on Rape Culture

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According to Marshall University, Rape Culture is defined as “an environment in which rape is prevalent and in which sexual violence against women is normalized and excused in media and popular culture.” In American society, it is not hard to find examples of rape culture. In popular movies, music, and current events there is an undeniable notion of victim blaming, and sympathizing with male perpetrators. People have begun to use the term rape as a casual adjective. For example “I just raped him in that game,” could be used to describe two people playing a game and one winning easily against the other. American society uses pop culture and current events to promote and justify the prominent rape culture. Robin Thicke has a popular songs …show more content…
Must want to get nasty.” This line takes the blame from the rapist, and puts it onto the victim. Victim-blaming is a large part of rape culture, and is one of the key ways that American society promotes it. This line is saying that the girls action in the song, is implying that she wants it even if she says otherwise. The idea that the girl wants it makes women feel that the women must always be held accountable for their actions, but that in this situation the man does not have to be. American culture teaches this value from a very young age. During early childhood if a girl acts in an unexpected way they are told that it is not “lady-like” and are put back into their “proper place” in society. On the other hand, if a boy does something rowdy or destructive people justify their actions by saying that boys will be boys. Thicke repeatedly utters the phrase “but you’re a good girl.” This phrase puts girls into the stereotype that all girls are good girls. Under this stereotype, a girl is forbidden from reciprocating the sexual advances that a man is passing on her. Therefore even if a girl is saying ‘no’ every man should know that they won’t reciprocate their feelings so they are actually saying yes.
By calling an adult woman a ‘good girl’ they are also being given a more pure image that women are expected to carry throughout life. At a young age, girls in American society are told the roles they are expected to abide by throughout their life. Women

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