Racial Preferences and Discriminations still Exist Essay

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“In today’s Grand Old Party there is only one correct answer to the discussion about racism. And that is: There is no racism in America anymore. Except reverse-racism against whites” once said by Bill Maher a well known comedian and HBO host. Reverse discrimination is the unfair treatment of people of majority groups resulting from privileged policies, as in college or work admissions intended to remedy discrimination towards minorities. It is often said that minority groups like, African Americans and Mexican Americans have a more difficult time having a successful life like getting a degree or a job. That is no longer true, society changed this idea. It is the majority groups that have a tougher time getting to college or getting a …show more content…
It is sad that the subject of discrimination still has to occur in these “modern times.” Many people do not express their opinion on his topic because it is quite controversial. It is one of those things that is kept unspoken by the government and the press. Numerous laws, court cases and acts do not change the fact that reverse discrimination is still present in this challenging society. The government should be for the people however one can clearly comprehend that even the government is letting discrimination slide in the twentieth first century. A few years ago, Dow Jones confessed to discriminating majority groups on their acceptance to summer journalism programs. The programs were supposed to be for everyone however secretly they were only targeted to minority high school students. A lawsuit was filed by a fifteen year old, Emily Smith. She wad accepted to the Urban Journalism Workshop at Virginia Commonwealth University but one week after being accepted she was excluded. She was rejected after the sponsors found out that she was white. Emily won the case and Virginia Commonwealth University agreed to pay twenty five thousand to Emily. They also agreed to admit her to the program next year. After this case, Dow Jones promised the public to stop discriminating majority individuals. Emily’s lawsuit also changed the thinking of other journalism programs in the nation. Race will no longer be used

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