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Romeo and Juliet
Act I 1. Who is Prince Escalus? What lines indicate his feelings about the feuding? * He is the prince of Verona. In other words he is like the mayor or a peace keeper * If ever you disturb our streets again, Your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace. 2. What information is Benvolio able to get from Romeo? * The sadness Romeo feels for the fact that Rosaline will never be with Romeo. 3. What kind of friend is Benvolio? * He is a good friend and one of Romeo’s best friends. 4. Why has Paris come to see Lord Capulet? * To ask Lord Capulet for Juliet’s hand in marriage. 5. How old is Juliet? * Juliet is 13 years old. 6. Why does Benvolio want Romeo to
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At first, why does Romeo refuse to fight with Tybalt? * They are now cousins 2. How did Mercutio get stabbed? * Romeo tried to break up the fight and Tybalt stabbed him under Romeo’s arm. 3. What was the crowd’s reaction after Mercutio was stabbed? * ??? 4. What does Lady Capulet think should happen to Romeo after he killed Tybalt? * That he should be killed. 5. Why does Friar Laurence get angry with Romeo when he keeps whining? * He should be happy that he is being banished not being put to death. 6. After the duel, where does Romeo hide? * He hides in the square/alley. 7. What type of bird is the herald of the morning? * Lark. 8. What would Juliet rather do than marry Paris? * Kill herself.
Act IV 1. Why does Paris visit with Friar Laurence? * To tell him about the good news that he going to be marrying Juliet. 2. Why does Juliet beg forgiveness from her father? * Juliet apologizes to her father because she is planning to go along with Friar Lawrence's plan to take the sleeping potion, and she does not want her father to remain angry with her 1) in case it doesn't work and kills her instead and 2) so that he will not be suspicious. 3. What will Juliet do if the sleeping drug does not work? * She will try to kill herself. 4. Why doesn’t Friar Laurence just tell Paris that Juliet is already married to Romeo? * He doesn’t want to

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