Essay about Psychologists: The New Generation of Scientists

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New Generation Scientists?

“Psychologists study mental processes and human behavior by observing, interpreting, and recording how people and other animals relate to one another and the environment.”(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) Psychologists devote their time to helping others whether its in a well known firm or a local school. In their work, psychologist have four goals. Psychologists are one of the best paid careers in industry but it doesn’t come cheap. Psychologists have the opportunity to work at some of the top companies today, but getting there can be a task all by itself.

Psychologists make a median pay of 68,640 per year ($33.00) per hour. “Psychologist need a master’s, specialist, or doctoral degree in Psychology.
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you wouldn’t expect a easily irritated or impatient individuals trying to pursue a career in a internal and external type of relationship with others. Psychologists have different ways of studying their patients behavior and thoughts. “Five of the main methods they use are tests, surveys, case studies, naturalistic observation and experiments.” (Grolier) “A test is a procedure for measuring a characteristic at a particular time and in a particular place.” (Grolier) In order to properly evaluate their clients a lot of hard work go towards training and understanding a complex thought of what to diagnose their client. “For instance, an ability test might measure how well you are able to do something. An example would be remembering people’s names or faces” (Grolier). Personality tests demonstrates how well you get along with those around you and how you might react to certain situations. A common way to study others that many may see everyday are surveys which measure your beliefs or opinions. “For example a psychologist might survey people's preferences in political candidates, such as conservative versus liberal candidates.” (B.L.S) Psychologist use a method called naturalistic observation to help find out what makes a great leader. “ This involves watching and listening to people and recording their everyday , normal activities. A psychologist interested in leadership

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