Psychological Effects of Marijuana Essay

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Psychological Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana tends to be disassociated with the conventional spectrum of drugs in today's society. Certainly we can agree that cocaine, ecstasy, and heroine are drugs and thus highly addictive and dangerous. But can marijuana be mentioned in the same breath as these drugs? It is not my point nor belief to disagree that marijuana is a drug that can be addictive. I place strong emphasis however on the fact that physical dependency is not nearly as common as psychological dependency among marijuana users.
As I attempt to present the psychological effects of marijuana, we must first consider the concept of being psychologically dependant. When you are dependant upon something, you are not
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It is important to understand why someone uses marijuana and why he or she would use it in the first place. "Millions of Americans have tried marijuana, but most are not regular users. In 1996, 68.6 million people—32%of the U.S. population over 12 years—had tried marijuana or hashish at least once in their lifetime, but only 5% were current users" (Unknown, Nov. 18, p. 6). There are several reasons why an individual would begin using marijuana and in some cases develop a dependency. One of the reasons why a user would develop a dependency is due to peer pressure "Nearly all human activities at least indirectly involve other people, and being introduced to marijuana offers no exception to this rule; in fact, marijuana use in general is exquisitely a group phenomenon" (Unknown, Nov.18). Could it be that the transition from non user to user is a result of the comfort in belonging to a group? Or is it more peer pressure than anything else? I feel that the decision to try it for the first time is directly affected by the way you feel about your peers and your connotations of the drug itself. If your circle of marijuana users are people that you respect and think highly of, then you're a lot more likely to try it than if you looked down upon everyone you know who tried it or uses it. Once the marijuana is used for the first time a

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